Christmas 2022: Farmer Jimmy Doherty shares tips for choosing, cooking and enjoying turkey

Christmas 2022: Farmer Jimmy Doherty shares tips for choosing, cooking and enjoying turkey.English farmer and TV personality Jimmy Doherty is sharing his top tips for choosing, cooking and enjoying turkey this festive season.

Jimmy says the best turkeys to me are those that are free range, slow growing and of course raised to the highest welfare standards.

At Jimmy’s Farm we pride ourselves on the care we give our turkeys and as part of this they are able to roam our pasture and enjoy a diet of natural vegetation that provides our birds with a good balance of Omega 3 and 6.

Jimmy says that, in general, free-range turkeys can be more than twice the age of standard birds. I think it’s that extra ripeness that gives our turkeys such a rich flavor. If you have a big turkey to start with, then there really is no need to fuss with the cooking method, as the flavor will show up on its own.

To keep stress levels down, I approach cooking the turkey (and yes, I do on Christmas Day!) like any other roast dinner and keep it as simple as possible.

It is not necessary to stuff the bird, cook the stuffing separately, as this allows the heat to pass through the cavity and provides even cooking.

Season with salt and pepper, then place the turkey breast-side down in a large roasting pan. Since most of the natural fat deposits are on the back of the turkey, this will allow it to baste on its own as it cooks.

Next, place the turkey in a preheated oven (per turkey instructions) for 45 minutes, then flip and cook, breast side up, for the remainder of the cooking time. The included pop-up timer on the bird will let you know when it’s ready.

Once the turkey is cooked, remove it from the oven and let it rest for about 45 minutes. Not only will this give you a wonderfully juicy turkey, but it also means you have room to spare in the oven, while it rests, to break out with your potatoes or other holiday dinner essentials. Your roast turkey should produce plenty of delicious broth! Pour this into a saucepan to use after carving your bird.

Una buena salsa es vital para una gran cena de Navidad y, de nuevo, no tiene por qué ser difícil: es muy fácil de preparar, ¡especialmente cuando tienes un pavo de corral de gran sabor!

En primer lugar, elimine los gránulos de salsa y simplemente drene los jugos de pavo del dolor de asado en una cacerola. Llevar a ebullición y reducir ligeramente, para espesar, y luego servir. Esta es una forma ideal de asegurarse de que el pavo también esté tibio al servirlo.

Remove both legs first, then cut them separately before removing the wings. Next, remove the two breast muscles by cutting through the keel or breastbone of the turkey. Take your time, there is no rush!

Once this is done, cut the meat through the muscle; this will give you even portions and mean less waste.

Now, take the broth that you saved from the turkey and place it on the plate. Bring to a boil, then pour all the natural goodness over your carved turkey, and voila!

Turkey is such a versatile meat that there are endless ways to enjoy it after Christmas Day has passed.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use leftover turkey:

Serve cold as part of a Boxing Day Farmer’s Lunch, on a board with cheese, chutneys, crusty bread and a glass of port.

Use the turkey carcass to make a fabulous, flavorful broth, which can then be used immediately in dishes like soups and risottos, or frozen to be used later in the next few weeks. This is a great way to add amazing flavor to any dish.

Use ready-made puff pastry and leftover turkey to make a ham, mushroom and turkey pie. Cut the turkey into pieces, lightly fry some mushrooms, add any remaining ham and then mix with a little thickened turkey broth, before covering with the puff pastry and baking.

Turkey spring rolls. Sauté some noodles and scallions, or whatever leftover vegetables you have… Anything will work as long as it’s sliced and mixed with a good soy sauce. Once cooled, mix with the leftover turkey. Take the mixture and place it on a sheet of phyllo dough. Fold both ends in, then roll the dough into spring rolls. Repeat until you have enough or run out of leftovers. Brush them with a little melted butter and pop them in the oven until crisp and golden. Serve with hoisin sauce dip and some chopped chili and cilantro.

This recipe is courtesy of Milk & More, the nation’s largest grocery and milk delivery service. For 2022, Milk & More customers can purchase a selection of Jimmy’s free-range turkeys, including a 5kg turkey, a 3kg crown turkey and a Jimmy’s free-range turkey, which are raised on his farm in Suffolk. Each turkey comes with a handy pop-up timer that tells you when the bird is cooked, ensuring a perfectly cooked centerpiece for your Christmas dinner.

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