Brighton Honest Burger’s awesome truffle creation

Brighton Honest Burger’s awesome truffle creation 2023.Life away from the country’s griddles and grills has become a little bit dicey of late but at least the golden years of the UK burger continue unabated.

In these uncertain times, there’s at least one decision that isn’t “awesome” and that’s choosing a fun-filled bun at Brighton’s Honest Burgers.

The 43-member restaurant chain, which had the most modest of beginnings at a previous Brighton Food Festival, introduces a new limited-edition burger every month and this month’s offering is amazing.

Honest’s Truffle Burger was created in collaboration with truffle seasoning connoisseurs the Truffle Guys, and it’s every bit as flavorful and indulgent as it gets.

For an impressive 14 calamari (including house-made rosemary chips, as is the honest style), he offers a primo side dish for a consistently great burger.

Their beef pies, made with British beef and flat cuts of meat from their own butcher shops, are paired with a torrent of truffle treats in the form of rich white truffle mayonnaise and truffle fries.

The fries are covered in Truffle Guys Signature Truffle Dust, and the mayonnaise is made from White Truffle Oil with an added touch of the aforementioned truffle powder.

Extravagance abounds with melted creamy taleggio cheese, some perfectly crispy American-style striped bacon, and a semblance of restraint in the form of arugula and crisp house pickles.

It’s a great little mix of lush ingredients that you’ll be hoping will return to the Honest Burgers menu in the near future.

As always, you’d love a sausage/silly patty to visit Honest Burger without having a plate of their wonderfully huge onion rings, fried in a gluten-free batter that’s lighter than it looks and spiked with black pepper and fennel.

The added delight of bacon sauce is always worth its place in proceedings, try not to dwell too much on the processes behind something so adorable and maybe tell yourself you’ll have a salad tomorrow.

Honest Burgers’ truffle special is available until November 28, so grab it while you can and look forward to next month’s new creation.

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